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You Are What You Eat

Posted on March 25th, by Mike Sherbakov in Fitness, Life and Wellness, Nutrition. 2 comments



A conversation with a fellow yogi provoked the following thoughts. Nearing the latter end of our teacher training, we discussed how we feel significantly more in tune with our bodies than ever before.  The conversation got us thinking how unfortunate it is that most people live a life out of sync. Unable to tune in to what their body is trying to tell them, they are debilitated from reaching their full physical, mental, or spiritual potential.

Energy.  Everything around us has it… the chair you’re sitting in, our bodies, and yes… the food we eat. If energy doesn’t do it for you, you must at least agree that everything around us moves on an atomic and subatomic level.  This movement causes all objects to vibrate at a certain frequency.  Have you ever been instantly attracted to someone before a word was even spoken… drawn to his or her energy? What about finding that someone who resonates with you on a similar frequency… doesn’t it just feel right?

Just like the relationships in our lives, food can either resonate well with us or do harm to our bodies.  The energy of the food we eat reacts with our body. The unfortunate truth is that too many people have maintained a diet fueled by harmful food (energy) for so long it has become normal to them.  They walk around sick and they don’t even know it.

How many machines does it take to process a TV dinner before it gets to your mouth? Ever wonder why foods have to be “enriched” or “fortified”?  I eat vegetables so this doesn’t apply to me right?

In case you weren’t aware, the minerals and nutrients (ultimately energy once again) are denatured in the development of “fortified” and “enriched” foods.  In order to compensate for this lack of nutritional benefit, they are artificially re-inserted later via chemical processes.  Are you aware that the produce in grocery stores is sprayed with “quick ripening” chemicals after being shipped from who knows where?

We as humans are designed to fuel our bodies with good, healthy energy.  We are designed to live off the land, not ingest chemicals created in a laboratory.  We are what we eat.

Fuel your body with toxins and your body will resonate that energy.  Fuel your body with what it’s been asking for and you will see the benefits translate to not only your physical, but certainly your emotional and spiritual health.

Invite awareness and consciousness in, listen to your body, live a healthy life.


-Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow-


Mike Sherbakov, CSCS, CPT, RYT

2 responses to “You Are What You Eat”

  1. stefanie says:

    Thanks mikkeyyy for taking the time & making many sacrifices in hopes to make a difference in many lives.

    Your efforts to search for new ways or a reminder of the simple basics on how to better our health & sharing them, 1 by taking the time to write a blog in hopes to influence people is such a selfless act. It’s truly inspiring & appreciated all that you do!!

  2. This is awesome!!! I agree 100%. We literally are what we eat. So eat bread all the time, you are gonna feel like a slugglish, heavy piece of bread (plus gluten can lead to an entire host of its own problems). Eat a bright juicy orange, and you are gonna feel bright and energized. We are meant to eat from the land and to eat food in its most natural state. The moment we start heating it, denaturing it, chemicalizing it, renutritionizing it, we continue to kill more and moree nutrients. When we are doing this daily it has an additive effect that leaves us feeling tired, depressed, anxious, or physically sick. And most people don’t even know how bad they feel because they have never experienced anything different! Thanks for sharing this! Great way to inspire:)

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