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Comfort Challenge 2: Broadened Horizons

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20th April

You’ve surely heard the quote, “every day try something that scares you.”  Although I love the concept of this mantra, I find it unrealistic to apply in a life demanding ever-increasing responsibilities and time we often don’t have.  Rather, my proposed comfort challenge is, “every day try something new.” 

In case you missed a past blog discussing infinite doorways, a comfort challenge is a test of character; a chance to step outside of your “bubble” and learn something new about yourself and the world.  The beauty of this particular challenge is that it can be applied on a variety of levels. 

Any particular horizon is only as expansive as the individual’s past experiences.  Those who have had the fortune of traveling (especially to areas where extreme poverty or suffering is witnessed) can attest to the fact that you do not return … Read More »

Comfort Challenge: Infinite Doorways

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15th April

If I told you that you could do something in the next 10 minutes that will change your life and open up a doorway into another world, would you believe me?  If you’re up to the challenge… get ready…get set…

…and go start a conversation with a stranger.

“Each person you meet is a doorway into another world.  With each new genuine connection you form comes a unique perspective, a unique set of experiences, as well as opportunity for learning and growth.”   – Mike Sherbakov

How exciting is that? You’ll never be bored again!  It’s crazy to think that no two people have lived the same life.  Everyone walking this planet has an entirely unique story.   Each story is filled with happiness, pain and love on very different levels.  And the best part?  There is something to be learned from every individual story. 

When … Read More »