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Back to the Basics

Posted by Mike Sherbakov in Fitness. 1 Comment

5th April

For a recent corporate wellness presentation, I was asked to present employees of an insurance company with information on body composition, weight training and nutrition.  There was no shortage of knowledge about celebrity diets and “magic pill” solutions from the participants, but few knew “the basics”.  Television ads, magazines and false information result in a generally uninformed society willing to jump on the next product that promises them a sexy six pack. 

Let’s begin with a quick introduction to body composition. Our bodies are composed of 2 elements; fat mass and fat free mass, otherwise known as lean mass.  That’s it.  Everyone reading this has probably heard of body fat percentage.  “Bring it down… I want to be below 15%.”  But what is it?  Fat mass is fat.  Lean mass is the rest of your body including bones, organs, and … Read More »