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Comfort Challenge: Infinite Doorways

Posted on April 15th, by Mike Sherbakov in Life and Wellness. 2 comments


If I told you that you could do something in the next 10 minutes that will change your life and open up a doorway into another world, would you believe me?  If you’re up to the challenge… get ready…get set…

…and go start a conversation with a stranger.

“Each person you meet is a doorway into another world.  With each new genuine connection you form comes a unique perspective, a unique set of experiences, as well as opportunity for learning and growth.”   – Mike Sherbakov

How exciting is that? You’ll never be bored again!  It’s crazy to think that no two people have lived the same life.  Everyone walking this planet has an entirely unique story.   Each story is filled with happiness, pain and love on very different levels.  And the best part?  There is something to be learned from every individual story. 

When was the last time you approached a stranger and started a conversation that lasted more than 10 seconds?  Feeling slightly uncomfortable about the whole concept?  Well it’s time to step outside your comfort zone.  I call something like this a comfort challenge as I explain to my clients; if you’re uncomfortable doing it, it’s probably good for you.  If someone isn’t receptive to your genuine interest, don’t take it personally and you will eventually find someone who is willing to share a piece of his or her life with you.

Still skeptical?  What’s the worst that could happen?  I always like to approach situations with a “risk vs. reward” mentality.  Risk: someone looks at you funny when you ask about his or her most embarrassing experience.  Reward:  maybe you end up engaging in a deep conversation with someone you would not have otherwise met and establish a life-long relationship.  All signs point to: just do it.

Action steps:

1)         Go to a public place like a park or coffee shop where people aren’t in a rush

2)         Spot someone who looks interesting to you

3)         Approach them with a smile, extend your hand, and ask them whatever happens to be on your mind

4)         Listen with genuine interest and notice a new doorway open in your life

I would love to hear about your experiences.  Whether you’ve tried it before or attempt it for the first time after reading this blog, comment below to share your story.


-Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow-


Mike Sherbakov, CSCS, CPT, RYT

2 responses to “Comfort Challenge: Infinite Doorways”

  1. Lisa McLain says:

    I LOVE this challenge!! My fiance often jokes with me that I must know everything about everyone in the long grocery line before our shopping experience is “complete”…and you know what, he is right!! I love meeting strangers, hearing their is one of the best “free” experiences each of us can have in our daily living!! great post 🙂

  2. cassandra says:

    Totally gonna try this.. Thank you for the reminder of how good this feels!

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