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Helpful Tips

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13th April

The following are a few things I have learned over the years that have been helpful in my life.  Maybe some work for you, maybe they don’t.  In either case I believe knowledge is useless if it’s not shared or put into action.  Enjoy!

1)   Preparation is key!

If you find yourself stopping by the local fast food drive thru because you don’t have time to cook a healthy meal, a little prior planning can surely prevent this.  I pick a Sunday or Monday, allocate myself 2-3 hours for shopping and cooking, and make it happen. Keep in mind that having someone to do this with can make the process more enjoyable.  Each week I attempt 2 new healthy recipes (my cooking/grocery shopping partner does the same).  We cook together making fairly large portions and split everything in half when we’re done.  When … Read More »

How Bad Do You Want It?

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11th April

We all want to be successful.  Whatever success may mean to you, it is our innate human desire to excel in whatever we choose to undertake.  Whether it be success in a sport or activity, financial success, or success in a given personal goal; success doesn’t come easy.  It is easy to talk about how you want to be successful.  The difficulty lies in the actual work required to reach that success.  Maybe it’s time to look at your goals and ask yourself how bad do you really want it?

-Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow-

Mike Sherbakov, CSCS, CPT, RYT

Fitness Mythbusters Part 2

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9th April

Continuing from a previous blog, here are a few more fitness misconceptions I often hear from clients:

1. More is better

In an effort to get stronger, faster or to improve athleticism, most people resort to adding more volume. This is often at the expense (or neglect) of added recovery. In order for your body to adapt, it needs sufficient recovery time. While periods of volume increases can be beneficial in increasing one’s capacity, continually adding volume without rest will eventually have detrimental effects on performance. If you’re practicing a skill with a fatigued body, muscle memory will remember it just that way. It’s important give yourself time to recover from skill-based practices or you’ll be teaching your body to remember undesirable movement strategies.

2. Strength is not important for distance running

Although it’s true that every distance runner should not be built like … Read More »

Fitness Mythbusters

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8th April

You’ve heard them.  In fact, you’ve probably told a friend one (if not all) of these myths at some point in your life.  You may want to grab on to your seat and take a deep breath before you read the next part of this sentence… not everything you read, hear or see on TV is necessarily true.  Here are the most common fitness misconceptions that I have encountered throughout the years from friends and clients alike:

1. The best way to burn calories is to run on a treadmill


If you have been a client of mine, you may remember what I refer to as the “car analogy”. Does your car use more gas driving in stop-and-go traffic or coasting the highway on cruise control?  Our bodies work the same way.  When you run on a treadmill for long distances, your body … Read More »

Back to the Basics

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5th April

For a recent corporate wellness presentation, I was asked to present employees of an insurance company with information on body composition, weight training and nutrition.  There was no shortage of knowledge about celebrity diets and “magic pill” solutions from the participants, but few knew “the basics”.  Television ads, magazines and false information result in a generally uninformed society willing to jump on the next product that promises them a sexy six pack. 

Let’s begin with a quick introduction to body composition. Our bodies are composed of 2 elements; fat mass and fat free mass, otherwise known as lean mass.  That’s it.  Everyone reading this has probably heard of body fat percentage.  “Bring it down… I want to be below 15%.”  But what is it?  Fat mass is fat.  Lean mass is the rest of your body including bones, organs, and … Read More »

You Are What You Eat

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25th March


A conversation with a fellow yogi provoked the following thoughts. Nearing the latter end of our teacher training, we discussed how we feel significantly more in tune with our bodies than ever before.  The conversation got us thinking how unfortunate it is that most people live a life out of sync. Unable to tune in to what their body is trying to tell them, they are debilitated from reaching their full physical, mental, or spiritual potential.

Energy.  Everything around us has it… the chair you’re sitting in, our bodies, and yes… the food we eat. If energy doesn’t do it for you, you must at least agree that everything around us moves on an atomic and subatomic level.  This movement causes all objects to vibrate at a certain frequency.  Have you ever been instantly attracted to someone before a word was even spoken… drawn to his … Read More »